A view of Montserrat

a view of montserrat_©xavigeis

Monastery of Montserrat, Catalonia


8 thoughts on “A view of Montserrat

    • It’s long and complicated to explain, the mountain of Montserrat, have a rock composition not very common and for this, is visited for climbers from around the world. It’s also an important energetic point of the earth, there are people that remaining there to see UFOs and even the Nazis search the Holy Grail in this mountain. Apart of that, Montserrat is the saint patron of Catalonia, but also being an important religious center, part of Catalans feel it like a cultural icon, as the monks of the Monastery of Montserrat have always been some advocates of Catalonia, her language and culture versus the different threats that it suffered.

      For more information, you can visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montserrat_(mountain) or http://www.abadiamontserrat.net/

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