8 thoughts on “Strolling

  1. I hope you will pardon my comment on your technique. I have no problem with the framing. It is not atypical of ‘street photography.’ If you use a DSLR, you may utilize the focus sensor to ‘closest subject’ and this would get a better focus on your shot. Without a caption, it is hard to say what your goal was to achieve in this shot. I use a Nikon DSLR and set the focus points to utilize all the sensors and to get the closest subject. Except for slow shutter speed, I always get focused shots. Then it’s a matter of deciding on the shot you want to keep.

    • Thank you for your comment, of course I forgive you… 😉 My knowledge of photography is self-taught and often with many shortcomings, it’s a hobby for me but I always try to learn and improve my shoots, so any advice is always welcome. In this picture, the intention of the movement is to show the rush of today’s society, but it is true that I have had to discard many pictures as I did because I not like and it were due to this problem. In summary, many thanks for the advice and I will try it in the next photos. See you soon. Cheers!

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