Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

For a long time I like photography … the art of take the camera and try to capture a striking image, a place to remember, immortalized emotion … I’ve always be exciting with it..

A few month ago, I discovered Instagram and put me to photograph and share my photos, which made ​​me think: Why not share the photos taken with my camera? and hence was born the idea of ​​the blog. The photos are a way of expressing feelings and emotions and if I do it will come to other people and make them feel something, so much the better!

In summary, what makes me blogging is the desire to share with you one of my favorite hobbies, photography, and tried, in my humble little blog, to show you the emotion I feel when taking a picture.

For this reason, for this Special Photo Challenge:Inspitation I chose these two photos, where you can see me at the moment to taking pictures.

Images were taken by my wife, the color photography at Disneyland Paris and the one in black&white at Grand Canyon of the Colorado.


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